Exposing Filthy Tenants

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Exposing Filthy Tenants by myCAREexpert
Exposing Filthy Tenants by myCAREexpert


How landlords are fighting back against the world's grosses tenants!


Sometimes tenants really don’t care about maintaining the condition of a property, as some landlords have found out the hard way.  A new Facebook page called Disgusting Renters is allowing landlords to fight back against filthy tenants and vent frustrations over renters who leave their properties in poor condition.

The site was created by Craig Morgan after the mobile home that he and his wife rented out had been trashed by the family renting it.  The home was littered with trash and pet urine and feces.  The flea-invested home had to be gutted and was sold at a $25,000 loss.

The Disgusting Renters Facebook page is filled with similar stories and horrifying photos.  But how can you avoid these nightmare tenants ending up in your property?

If you end up with a tenant who is destroying your property, you should try to get them out as soon as possible.  The longer a problem goes unattended, the more it will cost to fix it.  Getting rid of problem tenants can be lengthy and expensive.  Eviction is an option, but it takes time, costs money, and often requires evidence.  You can also file a small claims court lawsuit to recover damages, but it’s often difficult to get payment from tenants who have no assets.

In the worst-case scenarios, landlords should consider offering cash – at least one month’s rent – to get the hell out.  If your tenants seem really shady, you may even add a cash bonus if the renters don’t do any further damage, such as flushing concrete down the toilet (true story!).

A good screening process is vital when offering up your property as a rental.  It’s unlikely you will get to see how your tenant lives before they move in, so it is important to get references and call past landlords to see if a tenant has a history of rental problems.  A background and credit check will also give you valuable information about their public record and financial situation.

If everything checks out and you sign a lease with a tenant, be sure to visit the property regularly to make sure the property is being taken care of.  Make sure trash is not piling up which can lead to infestation.  For extra peace of mind, require a housekeeper to clean the home on a regular basis and work that into the rental agreement.

Let this Facebook page be a reminder that no one will care for your home like you will.

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