Haven. No More Mosquito Bites!

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Haven.  No More Mosquito Bites! by myCAREexpert
Haven. No More Mosquito Bites! by myCAREexpert


Check out this new mosquito repellent that doubles as beautiful landscape lighting.  Enjoy your yard without the worry of mosquito bites!


Many California homeowners have been taking advantage of the wonderful year-round weather in most areas by creating lavish outdoor living areas, many equipped with a full kitchen, dining area, fire pit, and more.  But there is a least one caveat to living comfortably in the outdoors: bugs.  Mosquitos in particular are an obstacle many outdoor entertainers battle, especially in the summer months.  And with the added threat of the Zika virus, and other diseases mosquitos can carry, homeowners are rightfully wary of the pests.  A recent study commissioned by manufacturer NuTone found that Americans spend about 10 hours a week in their yards during the summertime, but they would spend up to 18 hours per week if it weren’t for the mosquitoes. 

Topical bug creams can contain hazardous chemicals and citronella candles may be inconvenient or ineffective.  Nutone has introduced backyard lighting and mosquito repellant system, called Haven.  Haven eliminates the need for sprays, traps, candles or torches and provides season-long mosquito protection

Haven fixtures are available in two options:

(1) the light and repellent fixture features LED landscape lighting


(2) the standard repellent fixture that provides the same mosquito protection for areas where lighting is not needed or is already in place. 


The system’s patented mosquito repellent technology is powered by low-voltage electricity that heats a mosquito repellent cartridge.  The cartridge produces an odorless, invisible, and silent mosquito repellent vapor.

Each fixture repels mosquitoes within a 110-square-foot area, and four fixtures provide enough coverage for the average deck or patio. The firm claims its testing found that the system repels up to 92% of mosquitoes.  In addition, an optional timer/control allows programming of two circuits (repellent and lighting) for automatic operation triggered by time of day or by solar sensor, furthering the system's ease of use.  Black and bronze finishes and deck-mounting flanges allow homeowners to further customize the system to fit their own needs and unique aesthetics.

Spend as many hours as you want in your yard this summer without the threat of mosquito bites!


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