How To Do A Utility Inspection Without Electricity

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No Electricity


Part of your due diligence when buying a home is the physical inspection of the property.  You will want to hire a professional and certified home inspector to check the property from top to bottom for any defects or areas for concern.  A home inspector will make sure the structure is up to code and the electrical, plumbing, and gas are functioning properly.

My client is in escrow for a bank-owned property.  Dealing with the bank on a foreclosed home (REO) is very different than dealing with a homeowner.  Usually, the bank will offer little to no information on the property and is not required by law to produce the same property disclosures as a homeowner.  In this case, the bank did not make any concessions and even refused to turn on the electricity for inspection purposes.

But you don’t need to be connected to the city’s power grid to light up your home!  By connecting a generator to the main panel of the house, we were able to perform a full inspection of the home’s electrical system.  A generator can be rented from home depot for under $50.

Leave the connection to an electrician!  Connecting to the main panel can be dangerous.  Be safe and hire someone who knows what they are doing!


Main Panel

  1. Connecting to the main electrical panel


2. Plug into generator

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